The GORE BIKE WEAR® product families offers innovative, cycling specific designed, head-to-toe garment systems for all kinds of bikers. Browse the different families to find your specific outfit.

Xenon Lady For the hardcore, race oriented, long distance road cyclist XENON incorporates the latest innovations in combination with outstanding designs tailored for an extreme racing position. Shop Xenon Lady
Contest Lady For the devoted ambitious road cyclist who likes solid quality and modern design. CONTEST is about essential best-in-class cycling apparel, designed and engineered for short to medium distances. Shop Contest Lady
Oxygen Lady For the dedicated performance oriented long distance road cyclist OXYGEN offers a tight fit combined with high functionality and design solutions engineered to excel in all weather conditions. Shop Oxygen Lady
ALP-X LADY For the hardcore endurance rider who prefers multi-day adventures high in the mountains. Changing weather conditions are expected and challenged. ALP-X is state- of-art, packed with the latest technologies and innovations. Shop ALP-X LADY
Power Lady For the devoted year-round road cyclist riding with friends making the most out of every ride POWER is designed to combined functionality and versatility for the medium distance rider. Shop Power Lady
Countdown Lady For the passionate weekend mountain biker who likesa bit rough. COUNTDOWN is designed to go off the trail and engineered for medium to long distances. Shop Countdown Lady
Base Layer

BASE LAYER products are the first layer of the GORE BIKE WEAR® Outfit Systems. The selection of Polypropylene and WINDSTOPPER® fabrics provide you with outstanding performance and comfort all year round. The products are divided into three categories that reflect outside conditions.Shop Base Layer