For us innovation always starts with the needs of a sportsman. That’s why our design and different pieces and garments in our Systems are engineered to work together to deliver top performance. So you can focus on your performance.

Magnitude For the devoted long distance runner who trains in all weather conditions MAGNITUDE is the perfect outfit system. Designed and engineered with best-in-class fabrics and high-tech functionality. Shop Magnitude
Essential The essential running apparel for recreational weekend runner. ESSENTIAL offers a broad selection of running pieces. Designed and engineered with high-tech fabrics for diverse weather conditions. Shop Essential
Mythos For the devoted urban runner regularly participating inhalf marathons MYTHOS is the perfect System. Designed and engineered with high-tech fabrics with a focus on visibility for running in poor light conditions. Shop Mythos
X-Running For the serious, long distance and endurance trail runner our X-RUNNING System is perfect running frequently in changing weather. Designed and engineered with high- quality fabrics to enhance the runners performance. Shop X-Running
Air For the passionate runner regularly participating in runs or half marathons in most weather conditions. Enjoys both great styles and functionality. AIR is designed and engineered with high-tech best in class fabrics. Shop Air
Base Layer

BASE LAYER products are the first layer of the GORE BIKE WEAR® Outfit Systems. The selection of Polypropylene and WINDSTOPPER® fabrics provide you with outstanding performance and comfort all year round. The products are divided into three categories that reflect outside conditions.Shop Base Layer