The GORE BIKE WEAR® brand collection has been specially developed to meet the needs of today's cyclists.

Our own legendary GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® fabrics are included in this collection, as well as a broad range of selected technical fabrics which address the specific needs of cyclists.

Count on GORE BIKE WEAR® products for the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Performance by design - we got you covered, in any condition

To reach the absolute peak of your performance there’s a lot of variables to consider such as: temperature management, weather defense and of course fit and feel. Our goal is and always will be to eliminate every distraction possible so that you can focus on your ride, no matter whenever or wherever it may be.

LAYERING 101 - It’s all about protection

The one truth we always can count on is that things change, especially the weather. This is where the fine art of layering is at its most valuable. Whether it’s first layer heat loss regulation or mid layer insulation or outer layer weather protection they all have to work together in order for you to focus on you performance.
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DESIGN PHILOSOPHY - form follows function

It all starts with you: the athlete. Your needs and your performance. All our pieces and garments are designed and engineered to work together and deliver top performance when it comes to weather protection, heat loss monitoring and versatile functionality.
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QUALITY TESTING - testing, re-testing and doing it again until perfection

To ensure you, the sportsman, top quality in all our garments and ensure that we keep our promise to you: to always deliver the best in weather protection and high performance versatility we have to test our products in real life scenarios.
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BRAND HERITAGE - Our journey; innovation and performance

Much has happened since Bill and Vieve Gore founded W. L. Gore & Associates in Delaware, USA, over 50 years ago. Our technologies have helped men reach the moon, the North Pole, Mount Everest and save lives within the field of medicine. However the GORE BIKE WEAR® story is a little more down to earth, never the less it’s still the same product that is our main focus.
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GORE BIKE WEAR® Collections

The GORE BIKE WEAR® product families offer innovative, cycling specific designed, head-to-toe garment systems for all kinds of bikers.
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Fabric Technologies - clothing you can trust

It’s really simple, our focus is to always design clothing that eliminates every distraction possible via intelligent use of GORE-TEX®, WINDSTOPPER® and GORE® Selected fabrics. If your body is comfortable and well shielded you can focus on what is important. Your performance.

GORE-TEX® FABRICS - the cornerstone of our products

For almost 30 years GORE-TEX® products have delivered comfort and protection. As a main ingredient in any modern day clothing we've all enjoyed outdoor activities with confidence and style thanks to this discovery.
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WINDSTOPPER® FABRICS - helps you to focus, on a whole new level

WINDSTOPPER® products give you the freedom to be your best and enjoy your active cycling. They keep you comfortable, warm and protected across a wide range of weather conditions and cycling activities. You can focus on your experience without the distraction of being cold, damp or overheated.
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GORE® SELECTED FABRICS - technical clothing for optimum performance

We use a multitude of different materials in our clothing collections, all of them specially selected and tested by GORE®. This wide-ranging selection enables us to offer you the very best in clothing designed for maximum performance and comfort.
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Seat Insert - Comfort and Performance

To ensure a smooth and comfort ride our ergonomic seat inserts are designed to optimize your performance. In addition continued moisture management and precise anatomical support helps you to focus on your way, both up and down the hill.

SHORT DISTANCE - for the intense rider

For the short distance rider who like a hard yet fast and rewarding challenge our product lines are specially designed to handle short to medium distances where both the tempo and pressure is high. Contemporary design, excellent functionality yet lightweight and comfortable slim fit.
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MEDIUM DISTANCE - for the ambitious rider

For the ambitious year-round cyclist who wants to make the most out of every ride, functionality and versatility is essential. Our seat inserts offer specific benefits specially developed for medium distances such as supreme comfort, precise anatomical fit with elasticity, ventilation, breathability and moisture management.
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LONG DISTANCE - for the hardcore enthusiast

For the long distance endurance performer our seat inserts made with high-density yet stretchable foam offers supreme protection and comfort in a variety of riding positions. Combined with the accompanying clothing system it will give you great breathability, perfect moisture management and precise anatomical support.
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